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Carlie's full story. Dec. 2013

This past summer we decided it was time for our family to get a dog. We contemplated a puppy and even looked at a rescue center. After word got around that I was looking for a dog, a friend told me they had the "perfect dog” for me at Triboro Animal Welfare (TBAW). Boy, was she right!

The pup in the picture was so cute we immediately made arrangements to meet the dog. It was love at first sight. She was so adorable and so well behaved. She even did a few impromptu tricks for us to show off just how cute she really was. When we got back into the car after meeting Carlie, the decision was almost unanimous - she was going to be our dog.

From the moment she came home with us, Carlie was truly a part of our family. She has become a watch dog, child-friendly alarm clock (she loves to wake the kids up with kisses), snuggle buddy, and everybody’s best friend. Before we had Carlie my son was afraid of dogs in the neighborhood. Within a few days, Carlie completely cured him of his fear. Who knew that a pet could bring so much joy? It was as if Carlie was a missing piece to our family puzzle.

I am so grateful to my friend for pointing me in the direction of TBAW. This same friend told me that it is almost as if rescued dogs know that they have been saved and you can almost see the gratitude in their eyes.

I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am to the staff and volunteers at TBAW for giving these dogs a chance to be loved and giving people a chance to complete their families. 
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