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Happy Tails - Gavin

Two years after our beloved 15 year old shepherd mix rescue dog, Nickey, died we were ready for a new dog. Our first criteria was that our new dog was a rescue dog. We began looking in August - online and through word of mouth through various local shelters. We found a few dogs we were interested in but, truthfully, the local shelters we contacted did not react, respond, or show any interest in our queries. Surprisingly, the more we searched the more we realized we really missed a dog in the house.
In October we went to an Adoption Day at Mike's Feed Farm. We had been dealing with another shelter who kept promising the dog we were interested in would be available - the dog was not there that day. We felt very let down but walked around the area anyway thinking we may see another dog. We didn't want a puppy - too demanding and "been there done that". We wanted a dog under one year that was trained. We were looking but not seeing. We were ready to leave and my husband said we should take one more walk around. Within a few yards, we saw Gavin! He was on a leash that said Adopt Me. I knew the minute I saw him that he was what we were looking for. He was being fostered by Tri Boro Animal Welfare (TBAW) and I approached Steve who was holding Gavin's leash. I told Steve we liked this dog but wanted to get our son, who was working at Home Depot, to take a look and could Steve keep the dog for us. He agreed. We were back in 10 minutes - we all agreed Gavin was what we were looking for -- and here's the most interesting point of the whole adoption: The process was seamless.

Tri Boro was the first and only shelter that cared! They wanted the best family for the dog and made our process of adoption truly simple. Tri Boro has a team of volunteers that is amazing. From the transport down south to fostering the dog to releasing the dog to a family  -- the amount of love and care that Tri Boro has shown to their animals is incredible.  I can't say any other shelter we dealt with showed interest like this shelter did - for us and for Gavin.

We are one happy family and, like the bumper sticker says, Who Rescued Who?! Thank you to Steve, Pat, and Suzanne for their selfless time spent making us whole again.

- C. Rodgers
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