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Happy Tails

Gavin. Two years after our beloved 15 year old shepherd mix rescue dog, Nickey, died we were ready for a new dog. Our first criteria was that our new dog was a rescue dog. We began looking in August - online and through word of mouth through various local shelters. We found a few dogs we were interested in but, truthfully, the local shelters we contacted did not react, respond, or show any interest in our queries. Surprisingly, the more we searched the more we realized we really missed a dog in the house. READ FULL STORY.

Frankie. Our story begins with us talking about adopting a second rescue dog. We already own a rescue dog named Clay, a 14 year old border collie shepherd mix. Clay was adopted by us when he was 10 months old in December 2000 after we had lost our 10 year old yellow labrador, Honey, to cancer. READ FULL STORY.

Maggie. We adopted Maggie on Thanksgiving weekend. It was so appropriate because our family is very thankful to have her in our lives. She is an absolute pleasure and has brought so much joy and love to our home. We found her on and followed her journey from North Carolina to the Tri-Boro Animal Shelter. Her description sounded so great that I thought for sure another family would adopt her before we had a chance to meet her. READ FULL STORY.

Buck. (formerly Biscuit). Since Buck came into our lives nine months ago, he easily became part of our family. He's now 15 months old and he's as sweet, lovable, and happy as he was the day we met. Buck loves kids, other dogs, and us too. My nieces, nephew, and all the neighborhood kids can't get enough of him! Buck truly is a joy and we sincerely thank you for bringing him into our lives. 
Keep doing what you're doing, TBAW! You really make a difference in so many lives - both canine and human!

Jack & Sparrow. We adopted Jack (left) and Sparrow (right) from TBAW in November 2014.  We began volunteering for the shelter and fell in love with these two boys!  Not only do they bring the sound of little feet to our home, but they bring us such love and joy. In a very short time, they both became well adjusted to their forever home and have had nothing but lots of fun and lots of love since! Jack and Sparrow have become very affectionate (even more than while at the shelter). They like kisses on their nose and Sparrow likes to give hugs when we get home from work. The "boys" love curling up next to each other on the couch and running around the house at night to keep their new mom and dad wide awake! We are so thankful for TBAW and the wonderful volunteer team for giving these guys the best home they could before sending them off to their forever home with us!

Finn (formerly Bamboo). Finn is taking his new life for granted and that makes us very happy. We are crazy about him. He seems quite taken with us as well. (TBAW: What a transformation! Happy to see his innate sweetness is showing.)
Ruby (formerly Shelly).  We started calling her Ruby because of her reddish color and the name stuck. Ruby has been such a great addition to our family and I couldn't have asked for a better puppy.  She has gotten much better at letting us know when she needs to go out and we have been using a clicker to train her and she is so smart and learning so fast.  She gets along so great with our other two dogs, Clancy and Maggie, and has become best friends with my sister's dog, Witten.  

Carlie. This past summer we decided it was time for our family to get a dog. We contemplated a puppy and even looked at a rescue center. After word got around that I was looking for a dog, a friend told me they had the “perfect dog” for me at Triboro Animal Welfare (TBAW). Boy, was she right. I am so grateful to my friend for pointing me in the direction of TBAW. This same friend told me that it is almost as if rescued dogs know that they have been saved and you can almost see the gratitude in their eyes. I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am to the staff and volunteers at TBAW for giving these dogs a chance to be loved and giving people a chance to complete their families. READ FULL STORY.

Buster (formerly Debo). Buster is doing wonderfully, what a great boy! He LOVES his furry brothers, he's learned to sit and give paw for a treat.  He plays fetch and return and is super playful. A happy, loving, wonderful dog!  Tri-Boro was a pleasure to deal with -everyone was very caring about all of the rescues and took great care in making sure Buster was a fit for our family!  They do amazing things!

Riley (formerly Shep). Riley is doing wonderfully! He has made a smooth transition into his new home. He is still trying to win over his new housemates, the cats. It's a work in progress.  One cat has accepted the fact he is here, but the other one is still waiting for him to leave!  His personality is really coming out and he loves playing with the kids in the yard. Riley continues going out for walks almost each day which he seems to enjoy.  He is working on befriending the other dogs on the block. All and all Riley has fit in perfectly - it feels as though he was always with us.  Thank you to whomever fostered him, he is quite loving and very much a keeper!

I adopted Gracie (formerly Chloe) from TBAW in November of 2010.  She was the only girl of a litter of 4.  All her siblings - 2 solid black, 1 solid grey - also found forever homes from TBAW.  The entire litter are very people friendly and a lot of fun.  Gracie loves curling up in my lap, playing with her toys -- and her newly adopted "brother", Jazz.
Jazz. Jazz (formerly Hurricane) was adopted from TBAW in September of 2012.  Jazz was found in 2011 during Hurricane Irene.  It was a mystery why he had not been adopted sooner.  He is the funniest, sweetest little guy! He purrs like a motor boat and is a joy to be around.  He's a wonderful addition to our family!
Kasper. Our family adopted Kasper from TBAW in February of 2012, after he was rescued by Tri-Boro from a high kill shelter. He is the "friendliest" dog we know. You would think he lives solely for the purpose of giving as well as getting love from his human family and his "fur" sister, Cali, who is also a rescue.
Teddy.  My family adopted Teddy from TBAW in December of 2009. He had been rescued from a high kill shelter. Teddy is simply the best dog anyone could ask for.  He is loving, gentle, friendly, and protecting.  He is great with kids of all ages and loved by all who meet and know him.  Some say that Teddy is lucky to be here, but we are the lucky ones to have him as part of our family! Thank you TBAW for everything that you do to save these wonderful animals!
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